​Home of the original "JOHNNY"

   The SPIRIT is closing the gap between the two vessels at an amazing rate. The scallywags are starting to get downright scared for they know there ex-captain will skin them alive should he catch them. They start to panic as the sky instantly turns an ominous shade of green. A pea soup thick fog comes out of nowhere and visibility drops to absolutely nothing. The scallywags are not sure what is happening and freeze when they stand for it seems they are doomed either way. Our pirate can’t believe what he is seeing in front of his very eyes        , for he has seen this darkness before and he knows it’s not going to be good for anybody involved. He quickly orders the men of the SPIRIT to reverse their present course in an attempt to outrun the ominous fog that is approaching fast in front of them. As the SPIRIT comes about the fog grazes upon the side of SPIRIT and everyone aboard smells an overwhelming stink, our captain understands his God won’t let him go down this path again. Yes life is still great.


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