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  The Spirit comes out of the green pea soup fog just in the nick of time, as the scallywags and his old ship disappear out of sight. The captain orders full speed ahead for he knows the fate of his other vessel and the destination that it will travel to, through a warp of sorts to a hidden lighthouse in the middle of nowhere, for he has been there before and is in no rush to go back to the darkness that resides inside of STORMY LIGHTHOUSE. The lovely blonde mermaid (whose name is Cathy) rushes to his side, still wobbly on her beautiful long legs that magically appeared when she met him. She whispers Captain Johnny what will we do now? He turns to her and smiles, as he orders the men to set a course for his home on GEM ISLAND, then he tells her it’s time that she sees where he calls home, a beautiful oasis where the weather is always warm and the fortress that protects the island of gems is simply amazing and that she will love it. From there present location the island a couple weeks away in calm waters. When the island appears on the horizon her eyes grow wide with anticipation for she cannot believe the beauty in front of her. Yes life is great.