​Home of the original "JOHNNY"

​​              Hello, my name is John Hunsberger. I am an artist and the owner of John Hunsberger Signature Gallery. Our online art gallery is a collection of my artwork called the  "JOHNNY".  Our mission here is very simple, we strive to connect with all the people who view my artwork on a very personal level. A level that uplifts your soul to feel great about yourselves inside from what you take away from viewing my art, a level where you can relate to our art in an emotional way from having had a similar experience or having  been in a similar situation. The stories connected to my artwork are things that have occurred in our life, or are from our thoughts or fantasies of what life should be or could be like. We hope that your situation or experience sparks a memory of a good time or a good place in your life. Our goal is to have my artwork influence your life with a more positive outlook and to touch your heart in a way that causes you to stop and enjoy the feeling that the picture is exuding even if it is for just a single second in time, for each second of life is so very precious and should be influenced by as many positives that it can be.          John