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         ​This "JOHNNY" was created shortly after the Sandyhook shooting. I am so tired of the media glorifying the shooters in this country and not remembering the victims of this kind of needless killings. What ever your belief of firearms is, is not the question here for a gun cannot ever take a life unless someome pulls the trigger. Those of us that were trained at a very early age on how to handle a weapon understands that. Those that are in need of mental help should not have a weapon and should be able to get the help that they need. That is my opinion and I am entitled to believe what I believe. Now with that said I drew this to remember all the victims who have had there life taken needlessly by someone else for no reason at all. there is never a good reason or a good excuse for that matter. So please take a moment and pray that anyone you knew who lost there life needlessly may your God show mercy upon there soul.