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     Upon creating this site I found myself facing yet another challenge along with the obvious of just designing the site and the content I realized that I needed to introduce myself to you, to give you some  insight into my world, my past, my life, to connect with you on some level of intellect to help to explain how I found my treasure. How I unlock the creativity to make you smile and feel like you are being invited into my artwork to share that moment in time just as I have with my wife, my children and my grandchildren.                                                                                                                                I was born in Sellersville Pa. in 1965. My twin sister Betsy and I grew up in a normal family of the 70's era or so I thought. Our family moved to the Pocono mountains in Pa. in 1976( when my fathers health deteriorated) from Phillipsburg N.J. where we attended Catholic grade school. The Poconos were a completely different lifestyle from what we were use to, they were very  harsh and consuming  and yet very exciting at the same time. This is where my love for the great outdoors flourished. Where I lost my baby sister Allisha. Where I learned I had two brothers Tim (who I never had the pleasure of meeting before he passed away) and Tom whom I am very close with to this day. Where I found life as a teenager and exploited it in every possible way. Where the influence of our parents Jeannie and Ray would start to mold us into the people that we are today. Where my grandparents Jean and John Kelemen's way of life would come in to play shortly before our father passed away at our tender age of 15.  I graduated from Lake Wallenpaupack High and went onto study design and drafting at  Johnson Tech in Scranton Pa. Having vacationed in Florida many times as a child it didn't seem strange when a friend asked me if I wanted to go on vacation in the summer of 1985. The strange part was the 1966 Pontiac ambulance, towing the motorcycle behind it that  we started our journey in. We ended up on the west coast of Florida just north of Tampa Bay and its been the longest vacation I've ever been on.
     I am married to a beautiful woman who means more then  anything in the world to me. Cathy and I have been through all of life's trials and tribulations together. Side by side we have survived the good, the bad, the ugly, the hurt, the pain, the loss, in sickness and health, and we are still together, still there for each other, always lost in the love we see in each others eyes. Cathy is the biggest reason for my artwork meaning what it does. At one point in our life when I had no money to buy her a birthday present I found myself outside of a store contenplating what I should do next with an obvious look of despair on my face when an elderly woman approached me and asked me what was wrong? As I explained my situation to her and asked her how she would feel if the only present her husband could give her for her birthday was a picture he had drawn and framed just for her! I knew as soon as that woman started to cry I  was onto something special. I just didnt realize just how special it was truely going to become in our lives and the first "JOHNNY" was created. Cathy's "You and Me" series of pictures started on that day and continue to this day with Cathy's smile always bigger and brighter then the last one. I was amazed to find the admiration our children and grandchildren have placed on Cathy's collection of  "JOHNNY'S" over the years. Our son Jeremy (an advid  civil war Reenactor )asked me to create a  "JOHNNY" family portrait of his family in a civil war setting. Our beautiful daughter Jennifer (a stay at home mom) asked me to create a  "JOHNNY" of a beach where she could escape to anytime she needed a place just to get away. Then Jennifer asked me to recreate a moment in time when her and I and a baby tiger had our picture taken in an now and then "JOHNNY". My granddaughter Ashton asked me to have her own Princess Ashton "JOHNNY". My granddaughter Autumn asked me if I could make her swimming on the back of Willy the Whale in a "JOHNNY"and as soon as my grandson William decides just what it is he wants he will have his own "JOHNNY" also.                                                                                                                              As for my career path I have a resume that most find astonishing. My father taught me to work on cars, trucks, and equipment when I was 10 years old. I have been  5ft 11 - 250lbs sense I was 12 years old. I learned to use a chainsaw to cut trees down and an axe to chop firewood at 13 years old. I was working in a service station pumping gas during the summer at 14 years old. At 16 years old I was working as a line cook after school and on weekends. At 17 years old  I had worked my way up to assistant chef. At 18 years old  I started Johnston Tech and I entered into contruction learning how to build houses from the ground up. After a year and a half of this life stlye I left home and I came to Florida on vacation and stayed. I worked on a shrimp boat for a while then took the test for my real estate license which I received in 1986. I played with real estate during the day while machining the pieces to make eyeglasses at night which is where Cathy and I met. I got back into construction as a carpenter at this point in life building houses at first. Finding this not challenging enought I pursued heavy construction, building parking garages, waste treatment plants, roads, and finally ending up building the super structures that span the waterways of the Tampa bay area. My wife often tells me I don't put the emphasis on building bridges that I should. She feels that the bridges are just like  her "JOHNNY'S" and will be here long after our grandchildren's grandchildren have left this world and looking at it from that perspective she is right but don't let her know I said that. After crushing my left hand in an accident setting a cap on a bridge I went back into sales. I started selling copier toners and supplies where I averaged 1 million dollars a month in gross sales. When the company moved to Ky. I went into selling cars and trucks and then back to real estate, residential at first then business's. I have sense had three companies of my own which brings me to this point in my life, my biggest challenge of all creating artwork in which we can share a moment frozen in time . Please join me in my pursuit for I am         JOHN HUNSBERGER.             How do you do?
           Well I feel its time for an update to this page. Today is 8/29/2014 and a lot has happened in the past two years. This Site has been up sense July/13/2012 . John Hunsberger Signature Gallery was in discussion with my wife for a couple of months prior to the actual start up of the online gallery . Basic stuff of what, when, where, how and why. We wanted a business we could do that wouldn't kill us and that could be done more from home( I know what a concept) and that we could enjoy. If you have read this far then you already know the story of the "JOHNNY" and how it came to be. What you don't know is the reasons why we are here today. I was hospitalized on 6/5/2012  from a nose bleed that wouldn't stop . After 4 or 5 hours of gushing blood, my wife convinced me to go to the hospital only to be turned away because we didn't have health insurance. After another couple hours and a whole lot more bleeding, the chest pain was getting worse when she called an ambulance and I spent the next 4 days in another hospital. That was no fun. We talked more and we argee to go forward with this site when I got out. The Doctors said that my high blood pressure was out of control and that the bloody nose was the outlet that stopped a bigger problem. I got out on the 10th this site  was up on the 13th. what a way to start.  We are working to create artwork that touches your soul, That you can relate to and be a part of, that you can feel or remember a similar experience. I added 13 pictures to my wife's you and I collection in 2012. In 2013 I added 39 more pictures and would have added more but yet again I was sidelined in August. This time by a series of blood clots, the first developed in my calf, Me being the man I am a I didn't put a whole lot on the pain in my legs. I have felt worse through the years. Cathy and her sister finally convinced me I had a problem and took me to the local hospital where they promptly admitted me. I haven't seen people move that fast sense Cathy had her heart attack in 1999. This stay was for 5 days where as I ended up with clots in both legs and one in my lungs ( as of the writing of this the ones in my legs are improving, the one in my lung is taking forever to dissolve and the Doctors don't know why. The pain in my legs repeat about every three to four weeks where they swell and I have a hard time walking. Update, yeah, as of 9/25/2014 the clots have all cleared up according to the last series of test preformed.) I would like to take a moment to thank all of the people who have helped us with all their kindness and support through these rough times, and a very special thank you to my wife Cathy and my daughter Jennifer and my grandkids Autumn, Ashton and William. 2014 has come, I have added 34 pictures so far this year. I can honestly say I have come to appreciate life in a whole new way. When Cathy had her heart attacks I found a new appreciation through her eyes, now I know how she felt. Until you survive something similar you can't understand just what it does to a person. I am trying to reflect this in my artwork, to take a moment to see all the good around us. To stop taking everything for granted and to enjoy the beauty right in front of each and every second of each day.                                                                                                                                                                      As for the plans for the future We want to make  "JOHNNY"  a household name. DO YOU HAVE YOUR "JOHNNY" YET?  No! Why not?  What are you waiting for, an invitation? Ok I invite you to explore our Gallery and find your "JOHNNY" today and if you don't find it today keep checking back because I am adding NEW piece's all the time.                                                                                                             

        ​Hello everyone, Today is April 13th 2016 and yes its update time again. As you can tell we have had a lot of changes going on. The web site has undergone a face lift. Cathy's You and me series are no longer available for purchase in our gallery. We have survived multiple setbacks in our personal lives as well as with our gallery ( this includes floods, being displaced for awhile, ongoing health problems, and never ending problems with the site itself). All of which we survived with the help of Gods grace and the family and friends that have helped us. (Yes there are still great people out there that do have good hearts.) I am creating an average of five new "JOHNNY'S " every month in spite of all the setbacks which I believe is a great thing. As you may have noticed the stories associated with the pictures are more detailed and more exciting and every one ends with yes life is still great because it is.                                                                   Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please take your time and explore our site and be sure to check out the gallery ( I suggest with your favorite beverage, mine is rum straight up), kick back and find the "JOHNNY"  that suits you best. Oh and by the way if you don't see what you like just get in touch with me and I will create YOUR  perfect "JOHNNY" just for you .             

​              Hello again, Its me, the date today is 5/16/2017 and as per a phone call from a friend not so long ago (Thanks Win)  I was reminded that the update wasn't on the site yet. Life is great in spite of the everyday trials and tribulations we all suffer through on a daily basis. We have come to except that your going to get knocked down and that you have to get right back up, as for growing older and all the health issue that we suffer through, I have come to appreciate life in a whole new light, we are GIVEN 86400 seconds each and everyday that are never garenteed, and I have come to understand just what a gift from God each  and every one of those seconds are and how we chose to use them not only effects our lives but also the lives of those we love and those whos lives we can effect in both good and bad ways. I am a so very blessed with all of the people who are a part of my life everyday. As for the site, it continues to evolve with new "JOHNNYS" being added all the time. We have added a photography section to our products being offered and can recreate all of our items up to 40x 60 inches in size. Feel free to wonder around our site and explore and please let us know what "JOHNNY" I can create for you.  John and Cathy.