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   The crew boards the larger vessel THE SPIRIT in hast. The captain barking orders as the beautiful blonde mermaid kisses him passionately (like a Valentine’s Day picture), telling him she would wait for him to return to her if he wished. He just laughs as he reaches out and snatches her up in his huge, strong arms as he whispers tenderly into her ear. “I want you, I need you, I desire you and I won’t live without you and now we are off on a NEW BEGINNING. “ The vessel, the crew, the captain and his beautiful blonde mermaid all set out with THE MERMAID just fading out of sight over the horizon. The scallywags and there leader are doing everything in their power to gain an advantage over the fight they know is coming, for they all remember what a rotten, mean, s.o.b. that there ex captain was. The scallywags start to rest a little easier because they don’t see anyone pursuing them. Oh but wait, even though SPIRIT is the larger of the two it is also the faster of the two and It won’t take long for our captain to catch up to his stolen ship. The crew is reading for the inevitable battle that is about to ensue. The captain believe that he is going to recover some of his lost treasures. Hmmm is that possible? Oh yes life is great.

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