​Home of the original "JOHNNY"

         While our captain is becoming more acquainted with his little blonde mermaid and enjoying the lavish lifestyle of Mermaid Island, his crew is starting to grow restless, waiting to pursue the scallywags and recover the lost treasures. Ironically as fate would have it Destiny decided it was time for our captain to get back to work. His stolen ship THE MERMAID is only a few hundred yards off the shoreline. One of his crew members spots THE MERMAID and starts to yell as another crew member runs to the long guns and fires a shot at the escaping ship. Our captain comes running to see what the ruckus is all about and just cannot believe his eyes. He yells to board the ship and ready the sails. He knows that the SPIRIT will easily overtake THE MERMAID and is certain that they have the smaller ship outgunned. He yells out life is great as they are all rushing towards the SPIRIT (Oh boy the chase is on.)

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