​Home of the original "JOHNNY"

        Stormy Lighthouse has been standing for centuries protecting an area of nothingness, (both seen and unseen) in uncharted waters somewhere to the north. It acts as a guide to a very special palace. A holy ground which can only be found when the night skies are illuminated by a dancing green, or purplish red glow and the waters that surround the lighthouse remain relatively calm, with the setting sun at your back and Stormy Lighthouse in front of you, the dancing lights will guide you to a marvelous palace. A place where it is rumored that the truly lost may find the way back. A place that is so holy it cannot be seen by just anyone who happens by. This is just another secret that Stormy lighthouse holds that has been passed down through the generations of sailors over centuries of time as another story. Hmm could it be true or is just that another story? Yep life is great


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