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    It’s not always about the lighthouse helping to get lost sailors home. Sometimes it’s about the lighthouse itself. It’s about the history of the lighthouse. It’s about the sights, the sunsets, the sunrises, and the many stories that gives each lighthouse its own character. It’s about the untold stories of the families that took care of keeping the light on. It’s about how they maintained the grounds in all kinds of conditions both good and bad and how they would set out to explore the area around the lighthouse. More times than not it was a very hard lifestyle for all of the family members that lived and worked on the lighthouse grounds. Can you imagine the stories that the children could tell about how they would occupy there time, the places they could play (just think about hide and seek) or maybe about the Mrs. Light keeper baking them a fresh pie to enjoy when they found their way back home in time for dinner. Yep life is great

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