​Home of the original "JOHNNY"

       RUM ISLAND is a small island in a very tropical region of the world. It has very soft, sandy beaches with lush vegetation that makes this tiny island a splendid spot for discovery. There is only one building on this tiny island, owned and operated by a group of rum runners and what makes this location so very unique is that while you are sitting at the bar you can watch the sun come up and go down and never leave your seat and because of the location in relationship to the sun the colors that fill the sky whether it be morning or night are simply spell binding. The scallywags arrived and were getting ready to tear the place up and burn it to the ground to make certain no one would ever be able to enjoy the splendor of the little island. As they came ashore the crewman left high atop the ship in the watch sounded the alarm bells. He had spotted a large ship closing fast and recognize the captain though his looking glass. The leader of the scallywags was not prepared for this battle just yet and ordered his crew back on board for a hasty retreat. As our pirate closes in on RUM ISLAND he has to decide whether to give chase or make sure the tiny island is protected. The crew of the spirit drop anchor and get to work setting up the little islands fortifications. Yep life is still great. 

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