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     After a short conversation with one of his oldest and dearest friends (he doesn’t have a lot of people in his inner circle) our pirate is starting to understand that this new outlook on life has a whole lot to do with changing of how he was in the past and reestablishing his faith in God. His friend tells him how the vendetta against him is being fueled and that the scallywags and there leaders plan on gathering up all of the treasure buried around the world. He continues to tell our pirate they are in search of a hideout and how they were discussing an island somewhere where you can see the sun rise and set and never leave your seat. Our pirate knows right where such a place may be found. After restocking the SPIRIT with the supplies they need for the long journey ahead the crew set sail back down the bay towards open water. As the captain stands on deck, the wind slowly is picking up and the salt water is starting to spray up into their faces, filling their noses with the sweet aroma of the salty air. As the pirate gazes through the rigging, he takes a moment to reflect on how many times he has set sail from the PORTHOLE PUB and never paid any attention to just how beautiful of a location it was hiding in. How the water slowly moved around, being protected from the surrounding land that could just barley be seen, as they were sailing in the center of the bay. He thought how the sky had so many different shades of soft blue colors as the whispy white clouds floated by creating the perfect backdrop for a wonderous piece of artwork. He smiled as the tune that the birds were singing sounded like they were saying yes life is great.