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     Our captain has been at sea for a long time after fortify RUM ISLAND.  It took the crew sometime to make sure the island would be able to protect itself from all invading forces in the future and now our captain and the rest of his crew are starting to grow weary from the lack of sleep in there endless pursuit of the scallywags that continue to search for his treasure. With the setting sun behind them, marking the end of another long day where the scallywags couldn’t be seen or found anywhere on the open water. Looking on the horizon through his spyglass, our captain spots something glittering off in the distance, so he turns SPIRIT towards the object that he just can’t believe that he spotted. With the wind at their backs the crew makes great time in their quest and as our captain searches the open water through his spyglass he sees her sitting tenderly upon a small rock island that is protruding out of the sea, just enjoying the setting sun behind him. He starts to wonder if this sight he is seeing is real or if he has been on the water to for far too long. With the distance now closing fast, his thoughts  wonder too the gorgeous blonde mermaid, wondering if she sees the approaching vessel and hoping that they will reach her in time to realize whether or not she is truly real or will this beautiful treasure also elude his grasp.  Yes life is great.