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      So it’s a hot summer day as you’re out enjoying a hike along the river. You have been up in these woods many, many times but you have never hiked all the way out to the mouth of the river and it is a really beautiful day so you continue on. You fallow the river as the incline starts to get steeper as you go. You really don’t pay much attention to it until you look down and the sudden realization sets in at just how high you are. The brush opens up to an amazing find, you stand in awe of the fireplace you see on the far end of what appears to be a very old structure. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the gorgeous colors now filling the sky. You know you have gotten stuck for the night (don’t sweat it your camping skills are still excellent). You ponder if that fireplace will still work as you get to work preparing for the night ahead. Yep life is great.