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       On one of my very first trips to Florida, we ended up at my Aunt Rose’s home in Pompano Beach. I loved the vibe and was amazed to see these stilt looking houses off the Atlantic coast, although I was way too young to understand just what I was looking at (they were cool none the less) so when I came back down on vacation back in 1985(it is now 2017 and is the longest vacation that I have ever been on), we ended up on the west coast, which also had theses stilt houses out in the Gulf. After a few inquiries and quite a few fish stories from the locals at that time, I discovered these properties were used mostly for fishing. There was more the one occasion when we would get to fish from these cool looking houses over the water (and woke up to some interesting sunrises after watching the amazing sunset from the night before), we caught our share of fish and partied even harder( but that’s a story for another time). Even back then life was great.