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​Home of the original "JOHNNY"

    Sometimes in life we find a building or a place that we just seem to fall in love with, whether it’s the building or something else that draws us to it for no apparent reason, we all have that one special location. The crab shack has sat on the end of the pier for over a few hundred years now, constantly being remodeled to keep up with the ever changing times. However the building itself still remains very simple and very inviting. A warm atmosphere where the locals know they can go to enjoy the catch of the day and to hear the stories about the ones that got away, while the bright Red paint brings the tourist from miles away, as the palm trees sway in the warm tropical breezes. Either way weather you’re a local or a tourist you just become mesmerized by the slow moving turquoise waters that surround the pier all year long.  Yep life definitely is great.