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     Every pirate has to have their own special flag that belongs just to them (that’s a law in the unwritten pirate code) and our pirate is no different. Being Blessed at the holiest of holy places and receiving his spirit back our pirate finds a folded flag on the alter in which he was kneeling in front of while he was thanking God for all that God has done to help him rediscover his Spirit. As our pirate takes the flag off of the alter and unfolds it. He is quickly astonished by its beautiful bold colors and by the detail of the flag itself. A glass like skull chewing on a single red rose over a Celtic red cross with emeralds, ruby’s, sapphires and diamonds woven into the cloth. The most amazing sight on the flag are the two crossed scimitars that match the pair he found crossed at the foot of the alter. Our pirate is so grateful for rediscovering a new outlook on life that he vows to himself to appreciate every single second of life that he is given from now on, he has come to understand just how special life came be. Yep life is still great...