​Home of the original "JOHNNY"

     Our pirate was in awe of the vessel that his God has provided for him to fulfill his destiny. Spirit is the best of the best, built to be the largest, strongest and fastest of its time, capable of great speeds and long distances. The sails are woven from the strongest materials and will withstand the most powerful storms that it may encounter. The wood used to build the hull is said to be the hardest in all of the lands and is believed to be unbreakable in any circumstance. Our pirate has boarded Spirit and with a fresh new crew of men from the holy sanctuary who have found their way there in search of the spirits that they also had lost over time. Each one agreeing to accompany the pirate along this journey until they reach a point in time where they must go of in search of their own destiny. As the crew sets sail our pirate is not sure of his purpose just yet but he is drawn to start this new chapter in his life with a revised gusto that only you may actually understand. Yep life really is great.

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