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      After our pirate realized he had been abandoned on the island in the middle of no where by his first mate and crew of misfits he found himself doing some very serious soul searching. It did not take him long to come to the realization that the lessons instilled in him as a child growing up with a very strict religious background would lead him to believe that his spirit itself had suffered a tremendous setback. As a child he was taught that in order to repair ones Spirit it took a lot of work but could be done. Our pirate knew his God would never turn his back on those in need of his Gods help as long our they still believed in thier faith. He also remembered stories from his childhood about a sanctuary of great holiness that could only be found by those who really needed to have Gods help in rejuvenating ones Spirit. This sanctuary was in the lands to the north where you could see Gods nighttime light show. Our pirate laid back against a palm tree and started to plan just how to get there from where he currently found himself. We now find our pirate taking a knee thanking God for bringing him back to such a special place and restoring his Spirit. Our pirate is in awe as his new vessel that is floating just of the coast, filled with a whole new purpose and outlook on life. Yep life is still great.