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           Autumn in the north is always a beautiful time of the year with the changing colors of the season. You think to yourself what a great time to take a relaxing walk along the river front. As your walking you may experience the cool, moist air blowing into your face from off the water. You will marvel as the leaves gently sway to the ground creating a colorful blanket of reds, yellows and oranges surrounding the grounds around you. As your wondering along the stone path that leads you down to the water’s edge you can't help but notice the lighthouse off in the distance of the channel sitting on its own private island, standing tall and protecting the shorelines of the surrounding land. Your thoughts wonder to how the lighthouse has lead so many to safety over the years that it has been in service, and then you start to ponder all the stories that you have heard over the years about how it is haunted. Suddenly the winds shift directions as your eyes catch a glimpse of something strange in the light itself. Hmmm what did you just see? Was that really a woman dressed in white in front of the light? Was there really some there with her or was it just your imagination running wild? Yep life is great