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       Our captain caught up with the beautiful blonde mermaid just sitting on the rocks that were still above the waters changing level. She watched his approaching ship with wonder, almost giggling as she saw the large, handsome, burly man standing on the front of the approaching ship. As she quietly slipped back into the water, the sun disappearing behind her and in a flash she was gone. Our captain was now standing at the very edge of the bow and had his spyglass trained on her, certain he wasn't dreaming or that he hadn’t consumed to much rum, he order his crew to give chase. As the darkness fell fast upon them, the captain watched the beautiful blonde mermaid disappear into a horseshoe shaped lagoon just a few hundred yards in front of them The captain ordered the anchored to be dropped at the mouth of the lagoon in hopes to trap the beautiful blonde mermaid inside (he really wasn’t paying any attention to her being able to swim under the ship). He and his crew searched the island to no avail. Day after day, sunset after sunset they searched and waited hoping just to catch a glimpse of her again. After a week of searching, feeling more and more disappointed as time was going on, he was ready to abandon his search. He and his the crew made their way back toward the ship anchored in the lagoon. The captain took a moment to sit on the rocks just off of the water’s edge to contemplate his next move. As he looked back up he suddenly realized that she was bouncing right towards him. The momentary shock of such intense beauty knocked him right off the rocks that he was sitting on. He gazed upwards from the ground to see her standing there laughing. Yes life is great.