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   It has been just over a year since our pirate went home for a much needed rest. He settled into home style life and tried really hard to decompress. Life off the water is a much different style of being as our pirate soon realized, and he found his purpose slipping away from him, for he always has lived his life a tad bit on the crazy side, nowhere near normal by civilizations definition of normal. He started to doubt himself and the decisions that he found himself making. Those closest to him found him to be losing control very quickly (although control is an illusion), so trying to be patient with him they kept insisting that he get out of his head, and relax a little bit more and enjoy this time. Now most of the time our pirate is quite logical, however logic seemed to be eluding him at this time in his life, so one bright sunny day, he pooped the lid on a fresh bottle of rum, lite his favorite pipe (something that hasn’t happened for a while) and went deep inside of the crevasse of his already slightly twisted mind to understand what he wanted out of life. Now our pirate and his God have gotten onto a first name basis with all the conversations they have had over the last couple of years and God reminded our pirate that he still is alive so he’s not done with this life just yet so our pirate loaded up his hot wife, the kids and grandkids, the dogs, the rabbit and don’t forget the dragon which belongs to his youngest granddaughter, and is being raised by his beautiful daughter, (there’s a tv drama in that thought). After a short amount of prep work they set sail on their new adventure. Yes life is still GREAT.