​Home of the original "JOHNNY"

              There are a few places in this world where God himself puts on a spectacular lightshow at night that is truly an amazing sight. In one of those special places, sits a lighthouse with a solid gold cross on its spire. This lighthouse holds some very special secrets even though it is surrounded by water on all side and appears to have no land mass anywhere in sight. Its purpose is to light the way for the truly deserving to find the holiest of holiest places when they come to the realization that they need Gods help in getting back on the right track to being a good person. A place that will rejuvenate a person’s spirit and allow there heart to be pure again. Magically a wondrous sailing vessel sporting the name SPIRIT appears in the waters to the north of the lighthouse and under the glowing red and green skies sets sail toward the holiest of holiest places for soon there will be a very special captain taking control of this marvelous vessel. Yep life is indeed great


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