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        The days have gotten warmer as summer starts to show the signs of its arrival. The crew of the pirate ship have been working extra hard in there pillaging and plundering exploits all around the world. Our pirate has amassed quit a fortune (that is also hidden all around the world) so it comes as no surprise to the crew when they happen upon a small island that the captain decides it is time for a little celebrating. The pirates make for the shore line with all the goods that is needed for a huge celebration. The party goes well for there is lots of rum being passed around and lots of food to eat, cooked over the open fire. Unfortunately, our pirate really does not prefer to be a morning person unlike his first mate and crew who have already taken the steps to abandon the captain, betraying the trust that was so misplaced in them. They head back to the pirates ship anchored just off shore as quietly as possible. And set sail to retrieve the vast amounts of treasures hidden all over the world. Our pirate awakens from a seriously drunken stupor to see his ship setting sail. He looks around taking in his situation and eyeing up what he has to work with and realizes life is still great.

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