​Home of the original "JOHNNY"

     Most of the time I create the Art before I create the story, however this time is different. We are coming out of Hurricane Irma, which started out as a category 5 storm and by the time she got to us here in the Tampa bay area she was a weak category 3, strong category 2. The storm devastated a lot of lives and a lot of places that she had been before arriving here and while we were more fortunate than others, we still suffered some major devastation. I know first-hand of the grace of God because we are still alive. I have seen the best and the worst of all kinds of people from around this globe in the aftermath of this storm. We have helped Friends and neighbors and people who just needed our help and we have had them help us at the same time. We have received encouraging words from friends and family and even total strangers from all around the world and are sincerely grateful for all of the help, financial, physical and emotional support that pours in from our family and friends and even total strangers worldwide. Through it all, the day after the devastation the sun still came up to reveal a new day. A fresh start, a different perspective. You take a deep breath, say Thank you God and START. Yes life is great


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