Life after Hurricane Irma has been very different to say the least. We made it through Thanksgiving and were thankful just to be alive. Even though I don’t believe in excuses, my artwork has suffered tremendously due to lack of time in the day. We finally got almost all the repairs to the house done and I find myself in the second week of December, not having drawn but a few pictures since the Hurricane on Sept 10th, so I sat down to see what the paper wanted to be, and no sooner did I sit down but who should appear (no it wasn’t Santa Claus) rather Jennifer and Autumn (my daughter and granddaughter) telling me they were out of food for their dragon and that we need to go to the pet store to get more. So now it’s to the car and we are off. Traffic was CRAZY to say the least so we decided to come back up ALT. 19 ( runs up the Pinellas coast of Florida) which passes along the Dunedin causeway to get home. Once again traffic got crazy, so we detoured out onto the causeway to kill a little time and I spotted this little island off in the distance (thinking to myself that would be a cool spot to relax). I now find myself back home a few hours later, once again sitting at my drawing table wondering what does the paper wants to be, while thinking about that little island and noticing the sun beginning to set. Inspiration comes from the simplest ideas. Life is great.

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