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          The early part of May 2015 my wife and I went to Madeira beach to spend a few days with her sister Deb, her cousin Missy and Missy's friend Phyllis. We arrived at the condo later in the evening due to the stormy weather (its summertime in Florida) and didn't pay much attention to the surf when we arrived. The next day when we stepped out on the balcony of the condo we were greeted with this amazing sight. The waves were crashing along the shore of the Gulf of Mexico with tremendous force. The surf was averaging 2 to 4 ft.  and the waves were just rolling over on top of themselves all the way out past the channel markers, as the winds were howling down the beach at about 20 knots, keeping the few beach gowers at bay and yet it was a hot sunny day. Yep life is still good

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