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      Valentine’s Day means something different to everyone who celebrates this unique day. I have always believed it is a great day to show all the woman (when your married) in your life just how special each one of them is to you, so as I was working on Cathy’s Valentine day “JOHNNY” my youngest granddaughter Autumn (6 years old at the time) came up to me and wanted to talk about what I was doing, I put my pencils down reared back in my chair and listen intently as she critiqued current work in progress. It was really something as she eyed the picture and expressed her opinion of what a good job that I was doing and how happy her Mawma was going to be. She smiled a really big smile and started to bounce out of the room when I asked her want she wanted for Valentine’s Day that year. She stopped abruptly, put her hands on her hips, and said “silly Pawpa I want to swim with Willy” and was off like a rocket. I laughed as I started to set this picture up. Yep life is great.


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