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     As you know there is a story behind every “JOHNNY” that I create and this one is no different. The past few months have without a doubt been the hardest we have had to endure (This time was a money problem) so far. The short of the story God came through in the bottom of the ninth with two outs and no runners on base so to speak. I couldn’t see a way (and still can’t) so my family and I prayed and prayed and literately in the last second the help we needed showed up. The next morning I started my day out with a cup of coffee and Joel Osteen. His sermon was about needing help and never losing sight of God and how in the storm after seeing Jesus perform miracles they still had to wake him for reassurance. That you always have to find the light in every season as he puts it. The past couple weeks the weather has been beautiful, warm sunny days with no humidity however the storm we are weathering has taken a toll. I finished up and found myself with a compelling need to draw. This was the outcome of that session. Life is GREAT.

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