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      So I got up today and I am off to a late start. My phone is ringing and as I reach for it I recognize the ringtone, It’s my brother Tom calling. We b/s for a little bit while I am waiting for my coffee to brew. Tom hangs up the phone after a short time and I flip on Joel Osteen to see what his message for the day is going to be. This morning he announces he wants to discuss hope as an anchor and how we get away from holding onto hope and drift into stress, and dismay and quit honestly the rest of things that I have been going through here lately. As I am sitting listening to Joel preach this image popped into my head. As Joel wrapped up his message for the day I went to work to create mine, how the lighthouse always offers hope to the lost back home. If you look for the light you can find your way back home in almost every storm you just have to believe and hold onto faith and hope. Yep life is great.