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        Somewhere in the northern part of the world, where the air is always cold and the night sky will put on Gods lightshow all the time, there is an old stone lighthouse sitting on a small island of rocks. There is no land anywhere in plain sight (that’s not to say the land cannot be found anywhere close by) and the desolation has on more than one occasion drove the light keeper mad. This is a place with a much holier purpose and a much greater meaning for some who discover this special lighthouse will bestowed with great powers and given directions to the answers of questions that only they may seek. But don’t be misled for where there is good, evil can also be found. Stormy lighthouse sets so that it may see all of the wondrous gifts that we all take for granted each day. The sunrises and sunsets that are visible everyday will never ever disappoint those lucky enough to witness them. There is no written record of how long this lighthouse has been guiding lost souls, just stories handed down from generation to generation which I have been told are where legends come from. Yep life is great