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        I have always been fascinated with the lighthouses that protect our shores from all around the world. They all seem to have the same or similar architectural designs that allow them to stay together in the best of times and through the worst of storms. I stared this collection off with CALM BEFORE THE STORM because I felt that it would be an appropriate start, just as all of the lighthouse all around the world had to get there start somewhere. The lighthouses that you will encounter in this collection may be real lighthouses from around the world (some still standing and working, some lost to the perils of time) or may just be found in the imagination of the artist who created them on paper to go along with the fantasies that were rolling around in his head at that moment in time. Either way it will be an honor to have you share the journey with me exploring the beauty, the stories, the locations, and yes even the lighthouses themselves, captured for a single moment in time forever. Yep life is great.


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