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      Late December is always a great time to go out to the Gulf of Mexico and wander along the beaches. You can enjoy the warm comfortable days, while the waves are gently caressing the shorelines, taking in the natural beauty that surrounds you. Most of the time it is very quiet and relaxing, however on this particular afternoon there was quite a ruckus just off shore.  As I turned to see what the matter was, there arose such a chatter and to my eyes disbelief I saw a big man skiing across the water in a huge red sleigh, being pulled by a group of jumping dolphins. I stood there and just stared, as I watched in amazement, I realized Santa had found a way to get ready for his upcoming flight. With a big smile and a wave he yelled Merry Christmas John and tossed me a fresh bottle of rum before he disappeared out of sight. OH yes life is good.

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