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           The days that fallow there departure from the holiest place for our new crew and our pirate seem to be very blessed. They find the sailing conditions to be perfect. The weather is warm and enjoyable. The course is south by southwest with the hopes to find his new purpose in life. But there still are some of the old thoughts that are bothering our pirate, the thoughts of the betrayal, of his stolen ship, The MERMAID (and her treasures) and the lost journals and maps that hold the key to so many buried treasures the world over. He just can’t seem to get these thoughts out of his mind. All of a sudden the door to his cabin burst open and one of the ships boys comes rushing in yelling to the captain about land off of the bow. As the two arrive on deck a beautiful paradise appears in the distance. A lush tropical island, with tall palms just swaying in the wind, that looks so inviting is just a few hundred yards away now. The captain suggest that they circle the island to see what it has to offer before they stop and explore their new discovery. Yes life is still great.