Well as you have been fallowing this story so far we now know where our pirate is, but what ever happened to his original ship, The MERMAID, you ask. Ah we have to go back in time for that tail. It seems that the first mate and the crew of scallywags started to try and decipher the code hidden in the pirate’s books to locate all of his vast fortune that had been buried throughout the world. They knew the pirate was a very intelligent person and would not remain on that tiny island very long so they made their way north in hopes of losing the pirate by avoiding any chance of being seen or found along the way. They stayed in hiding all along the route as to not draw any unnecessary attention to themselves. They understood that all the treasures that they had accumulated all along would make them very wealthy men for the rest of their lives. The problem was in the code that the pirate had been using as he charted his maps and kept journals of his exploits, all of which seemed like the ramblings of a mad man. The new captain of The MERMAID was looking out at the horizon when he noticed a large shape reflecting in the setting sun. He order the course be set to investigate the source of the reflection.it didn’t take long to see Stormy lighthouse off in the distance. As they came closer the light house appeared to be abandoned. What a strange twist they thought as they approached the lighthouse on the tiny island in the middle of nowhere with no shore in site. The crew of scallywags decide this would make a perfect hide out (none of them having any idea of the sacred ground they had stumbled upon. Yep life is great.



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