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       The water always brings with it a certain amount of challenges, no matter how you travel upon it. It is always a comfort to those who use the waterways of the world to see the bright beacon from the lighthouse come piercing through the dark, there is a definite calming effect. The light can give you strength, confidence, relief, power, direction and so many more. COASTAL LIGHTHOUSE reminds me of the times traveling around the waters being able to use the lighthouses as a certain point of navigation from location to location. They are not just located on the oceans of this world but on all bodies of moving water right down to some very tiny tributaries. Each lighthouse is so much like its surroundings that it really is amazing as each one takes on a certain personality of those who built it. Every lighthouse has its own story to tell and I would be willing to bet some of those stories could be extremely exciting. I have seen lighthouse built right along the edge of the water, or high on a cliff and even many miles away from the water itself and no two are ever exactly the same. Yep life is great