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      Sometimes in your life you will come across truly amazing things and sometimes your world of fantasy can create truly amazing things. The question then becomes what would happen if these two separate worlds were to collide? Can you imagine being out hiking or skiing in some far off mountainous region of the world in the heart of winter. You’re out enjoying the rush of cold air across your face, as you’re fallowing the river that runs along the bottom of a cliffs edge that you’re currently exploring. You happen upon this amazing view of a lone cabin off in the distance with the obvious signs of life inside. You stop for a moment to capture every detail in your mind, as you take in all of the different sights in awe, noticing every detail of the many, different waterfalls cascading down the all of the different areas of the mountain. You make a mental note of the heart shape that is edged into the side of the cliff, from so many years of erosion from the water that has flowed over it. Your eyes wonders to the cabin surrounded by the rushing water (creating its own little island paradise). The roar of the rushing water fills your ears as you gaze upward towards the top of the mountains seemingly endless horseshoe shape of waterfalls, causing the water to flow in so many different directions, that create so many little snow covered islands. Your eyes fallow the rushing water down the canyons that flow to the river that you have been fallowing, simply amazed at the sheer canyon walls covered with ice and snow. Could such a wondrous place really exist or is this just a fantasy from the depths of an artist mind or just maybe a combination of both? Yep life is great.