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         Awhile back I created CITY WATERFALL, a place found somewhere in the deep crevices of my mind. A warm inviting city from long ago where life was good, and a beautiful waterfall was the perfect backdrop for this growing metropolis. Can you imagine how many different, wonderful views would come out of such a mystical place? City Park is just another area of that city to enjoy the serenity of the waterfall. As the water is rushing to go nowhere and yet going everywhere at the same time. The river flows from the falls down along the edge of the park.  One of The stone bridges leads from one of the many city streets across to a tranquil spot set aside for relaxation, away from the fast pace of city living where everyone has an agenda, and everyone is so busy doing what  that this simple pleasure is so commonly overlooked. What a shame to be so busy that you overlook the beauty right in front of you. Anyway life is great