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   Sometimes in life we all have to just play the cards we are delted and sometimes that is easier said than done. On those days, we all have to try to smile and remember the problems are in God’s hands. Today I found myself in this very situation and found myself searching for that glimmer of light at the end of a very dark, harsh time in our lives. I haven’t drawn a lot this month and started to accept the excuses that my mind was creating not to just sit down and let the pencil flow out onto the paper just as it has in the past. After much debating with my inner demons (and getting off to a very late start) the paper (with Gods little push) won and the colors started to flow. This was the result of that push named by my lovely wife Cathy for as she was checking it out she said “what a very pretty ending to a very rough day”. Yes life is indeed great (Thank you God for your help)