So it is a warm, peaceful, night with the moonlight shinning ever so bright as you find yourself walking along a deserted stretch of beach where the waves are breaking hard and fast at the water’s edge. The salt air is filling your senses with a feeling of excitement as you gaze at the palm trees blowing in the wind off in the distance, when your eyes focus are drawn towards the blood red rock suddenly appearing just in front of you. You find your mind flashing back to history class and the legend of the blood red rock. You stop and stare in disbelief as the story comes rushing back to you about how a rock would appear to the deserving covered in the blood of all those who lost their lives at sea trying to protect the treasures of the innocent. Your knees grow weak as you remember that in order for the legend to come true, every part of the universe has to be perfect and if you do believe in miracles and contain a good soul when you stumble upon this blood red rock the sea will grant you a vast amount of treasure (yours for the taking). You also remember the legend being very clear that if you are fortunate enough to receive this gift from the sea that you would have to act very quickly because just as fast as the treasure appears to you the sea will swallow it back up until the next deserving soul stumbles upon the blood rock. Yep life is good (and the rum isn’t bad either)

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