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        Helicopters are another of my many lifetime fascinations. I have always enjoyed the view from going up in one of them. The perspective that they can provide is astounding. There are so many simple things that you can observe when you’re a couple hundred feet above the ground that we all just take for granted every day, such as how to avoid the traffic jams, or seeing the wild life, running just a few feet off the roadway that you, the motorist, didn’t notice as you are flying by. The sunrises and sunsets take on a whole new meaning as you are hovering in the sky and as for fireworks let’s just say you have to experience that one for yourself.  There are so many hidden treasures that you can spot, anything from old cars that have been lost to time, to actual treasures under the waters as you fly by. This simple mode of transportation offers so many advantages and yet is so unattainable for almost every one. I have truly enjoyed the few trips that I was able to take. Yes life still is great