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                        When my wife Cathy asked to me show her what inspires me to pursue my artwork on a professional level this was the picture that I presented her with. I have always had a fascination with the pirates and with pirate lore. Yes I do understand that they were a bunch of lying, cheating, backstabbing, men and woman who for the most part were roofless killers (some could compare these kind of people to the modern day politicians) however they have always held a mystic about them. An air that has created a huge fallowing of people who celebrate and party to the pirate lifestyle. So on that note I thought how it would be if we created a pirate series where the pirate starts out on the wrong path but turns out to be a good person. A tale of real life and fantasy that leads our pirate down all the different paths we all face every day. Through all kinds of trials and tribulations that make us the people we all tend to evolve into as we grow older and wiser. So this is the start of those pirate’s adventures. Somewhere off the coast of some distant shores a band of men are already hard at work as the sun rises to the east, ever so slowly peeking up over the horizon. A large black flag is waving above the vessel anchored just off the shore, as the sharks circle, the skull and crossbones illuminate from the rising sun. A treasure chest sits poised on the sandy beach waiting to be buried from the last nights plundering. Yes life is still good.