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     There are some days when the paper cooperates with me on making something beautiful, however today was not one of those days. It started out very well, as a sunrise started to appear, then one distraction after another and a very, very HOT day in my studio (Yes I do have air conditioning but there was a beautiful breeze blowing off the Gulf) and as the humidity grew stronger, the paper became more temperamental. I would lay the next layer of color down and almost magically the color would look so much different than the last time I used it. This fight went on for about six hours when my wife Cathy came back to check on my progress. She stood in front of my drawing board and said “this certainly isn’t what I expected, what a surprise, it looks like one of the many sunrises we watched after a night of partying.” I kicked back in my chair with a huge grin on my face. I leaned forward and signed the bottom of something beautiful. Life is great.