​Home of the original "JOHNNY"

     There are just somedays that scream out its time to go fishing again as soon as you open your eyes. One of those days when the temperature is perfect, the sky is such a beautiful blue, and you have no other plans that you know about (well except for work, and cutting the grass, and fixing the truck, oh and don’t forget to patch the roof again). Like I was saying, you head out to your favorite spot where the old stump sits a few feet from the edge of the water and the two palms are the perfect distance to hang the hammock and get comfortable. As you settle in, you cast your line out already knowing that your line is going to be in only a few feet of water (and you’re ok with that). You notice its getting hotter as you open your eyes a few hours later as you here a splashing sound not so far off in the distance, as your eyes start to focus, you realize that the tide has come in and are somewhat shocked to see a stingray swimming around the tree stump (now almost immerged in the water). You smile to yourself, cast your line out again and drift back off to sleep. Yep life is great.

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