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   There are days when everything goes wrong but there are also those days when everything goes right. Today was one of those days (Thank God). It started out like most days, I got up, had some coffee, ran a few errands and made it to my desk somewhere just short of noon. As I started to ponder how my afternoon was going to go, my poor drawing board with a very plain white piece of paper was sitting in the corner looking very neglected. I scratched my head thinking about how long it has been sense I drew a “JOHNNY” and very quickly came to the realization it has been too long, so as I pulled the chair out and sat down not really giving it anymore thought as to what this “JOHNNY” was going to be started to draw (the paper was singing today) and after 8 and a half hours later and a few distractions SPELLBINDING was finished.  Yep it was a great day.

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