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      There are so many days that the world gets in the way of our dreams. There are so many things that happen all around us on a moment to moment basis that we have absolutely no control over. I personally find this to be very frustrating and also very irritating to say the least. Life seems to be moving at an incredible speed, all the while, we are standing still. So as I’m sitting at my drawing table ,pondering what beautiful creation that the paper in front of me wants to become, I find my mind wondering to a much simpler time when blowing off a hot afternoon for a cruise down the coast would be more enjoyable, the fine legs of my HOT, blonde, wife wrapped around my waist and as we are taking in the warm winds that we are creating racing down along the water’s edge it occurs to me just how far the drawing has come in a short amount of time. I hope you enjoyed the ride as much as we do. Life is great