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   So I find myself sitting at my desk, pondering all the idea's that are just floating around in my head as to what the next "JOHNNYS" going to be, when my daughter Jennifer comes bouncing into the room, still trying to wake up from her first full night’s sleep in a long time. As she sits down and lights a cigarette, she proceeds to tell Cat and I about her dream from the previous night. She starts out how it was so cool how her and someone special went out and found this beautiful, quit beach with the water ever so gently coming ashore. The full moon was just glimmering across the top of the water, while the palms that sporadically lined the beach just swayed in the slow, warm, summer breeze, and the ever so soft sounds of the night filled the air. She went on to say how they sat at the edge of the water getting their toes wet from the rising tide and how romantic it was even if it was just a dream. The next "JOHNNY" was born and life is still great. Thanks Jennifer