​Home of the original "JOHNNY"


      Just for the record, the sky on this piece is a soft pink with a purple accent. For some reason the scanner did not pick up the pink color in the sky.                                                                                      So as the story goes, You find a certain solace walking along the many hidden miles of the undiscovered coastline that most people don’t even know exist because they are too busy racing the rats to get nowhere. It is beautiful day, with a warm breeze blowing off the water.  Off in the distance you spot a tiny island, a couple hundred feet off shore with a single palm tree and a huge rock taking up one side of the island, so you decide to hike the rest of the way to get a closer look. When you round the neck bend of the sandy beach that you have been fallowing you are amazed at what happens to appear. The tiny island now falls center of your view and what appears to be an old (very old)  civilization of sorts with a sword stuck in the center of a rock ( yes, you can’t stop your mind from going back to the legend of King Aurther) takes your attention right to it. The setting sun has illuminated the sky in a soft pink color that takes your breath away, as you make your way towards the sword you realize life is great.

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