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       There are so many beautiful things that we happen to cross paths with on our travels through this thing called life that more often than not we get lost in the mundane every day trials and tribulations of getting by that we forget to look around and see the big picture. Life has so much beauty right in front of all of our eyes all of the time and yet we refuse to see it, or as this picture implies the waterfall (and all of its glory is partially blocked by the leaves from the tree in front of it ) is a beautiful sight to see however when you’re looking at it from this perspective you still see a beautiful sight but not the same as you would if you moved a little more in any direction which would change the way you see what’s shining in the background. Sometimes life forces each of us to change what we are looking at even if it is still the same overall picture. Sometimes a different perspective will change everything. Yes life is great.    

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