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       I was fortunate enough to grow up on one of the largest lakes in Northeastern Pa. where you were taught to hunt and fish at a very early age in life and both of these adventures are truly still to this very day a way of life. Hunting was always a lot of work (now don’t get me wrong I do still love it ) but fishing on the other hand was always a whole lot more fun and so very relaxing, whether you were out ice fishing in the winter, fly fishing in the fall, fishing downstream at the river in the spring or spending a warm summer day sitting in a boat out in the middle of any one of the lakes that seemed to be more than abundant around the area Although my most favorite way to fish was right off the end of the docks that jutted out into the lake. You could sit with your feet in the water and find that your only care in the world was to catch a few fish (or not). Looking back now I didn’t realize just how great life really was.