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       I have always admired trains. They are some of the most powerful machines that have ever been created. But I find that the train tracks are even more interesting. As kids, we grew up with train tracks that ran behind our house in New Jersey (now mind you we were little kids, 6 or 7 years old) and the tracks were just there. Yes we were taught that you stayed away from the tracks and never played near them (again we were kids so guess what we liked to do). Every chance we would get we would go out by the tracks to see what we could find. We would stand in the middle of the tracks and look down them often discussing where they went, or where they would lead you. Some days we would gather up the courage to see how far we could fallow them (never getting further then moms voice would let you travel.) We often over herd our parents discussing life and how the grass was greener on the other side of the tracks or so they thought. It wasn’t until we moved to the lake that I really understood what that meant and I have never looked at the tracks the same way again. Even back then life was great.